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Oral Health Rating

Get your Free dental check up using with Oral Health Rating.

Design My Smile

Try your new smile with Don’t let your smile stop you. Bites

Monthly updated blogs and bites on your everyday dental issues here at Bites.

Chat with your Dentist

Chat and Connect with your dentists instantly.

Reminders and Notifications

Set up your reminders for tooth brushing, aligner changes or your next dental appointment.

Find A Dentist

Connect with one of our friendly dentists. makes you smile as and when you want!

Get your Oral Health Rating, Get a new smile with only a few clicks.

Dental Awareness Articles

In this screen, the users will be able to view awareness articles published by dental experts.

Ask A Dentist

Users will be able to view forums created by various users within the app, and they can add their respective comments, likes, and share those forums. Rating Details

Here we display the recommendations for the users based on their respective Oral Health Ratings.

Home Screen

This is the introductory screen where you can find an introduction video regarding the app. Users can create their Oral Health Rating by tapping on the teeth icon. rating list

This screen will show the users Oral Health Rating, which they have already attempted when tapping on the score it will display a detailed score and show some recommendations to the user. report

In this screen, we will display a detailed oral score for each and every image that the user has uploaded.

Your oral health is important to us

At we believe “A healthy life starts with a healthy mouth”.

Do you suffer dental anxiety? Or have you been avoiding going to dentist for a while due to cost or lack of time?

Say NO to anymore excuses.

At we make your digital dentist experience free, easy and painfree.

How to Use Oral Health Rating?

How to Use Design My Smile?

Designing Irresistible Smiles with Web

Get your free dental checkups and smile assesments on our web platform

Wait no more!!! Get the whiter, brighter smile you always wanted.

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Easy to use, Highly useful for daily use from home.

I will use this app regularly and also recommended it to my family and friends too.. It is very easy to use and understand

Joy Boyd

This app is powerful and a self-care tool which made me aware of oral health. I am very happy with smile designed on this- white and bright.

Troy Haines

It is really awesome to have a DIY tool like this for remote monitoring from home.

Sanjeev Hiremath


No, Using the app is totally free.
While our studies have shown 91% accuracy of the results, is only a prescreening tool and doesn’t provide any diagnosis.Please visit your dentist for further recommendations.
All you need is a smartphone for good quality pictures and good lighting .No other gadgets required.
Congratulations on completing your assesments. Depending upon your result, please continue monitoring your oral health status every 2-4 weeks and visit the dentist regularly for further diagnosis and treatments. is only an awareness and remote monitoring solution. No pain or symptom doesn’t mean there is no problem. We recommend you seeing the dentist for further assessments. Prevention is better than cure. Bites

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