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Built for dentists by dentists. is a trusted virtual dental solution that helps you connect with patients better and drive practice growth.

How does it work?

AI that works for you

The Solution

Our end-to-end virtual dental solution takes care of day-to-day matters, so you can continue to do what you do best – treating patients.

Using our customised app and desktop software, here’s how we help you stay in control of your practice and ahead of the competition.

Virtual Practice

Patient Smiling

See patients anywhere

Set up virtual consultations and meet your patients anywhere in the world!

Dentist Phone

Monitor treatments online

Check in with patients and let them update you on their treatment progress through chats.

Dentist Laptop

Improve connectivity

Increase patient engagement with emails and SMS.

Practice Automation

Automatic report generation

Customise and generate reports instantly.

Easy web widget

See where your patients are going on your website to improve its performance and future offerings. Track and direct your website traffic.

Personalised QR code

Create QR codes for quick patient check-ins or to direct them to medical forms.

Patient Engagement

Pre-screen patients

Optimise chair time by allowing patients to send in their records and upload their smiles before their appointment.

Smile simulations

Show patients realistic images of their treatment results with you - before they come into your practice!

Easy reminders and notifications

Keep patients notified by sending them in-app notifications and reminders.

Record Management

Real-time record management

View any changes made by staff or patients on their records in real-time.

Access records anywhere

Access patients' up-to-date information and treatment plans instantly through the cloud based in Australia.

Secure patients and company data

Protect your patient’s privacy and data with our HIPAA and TGA compliant solution.


With, managing your practice has never been easier.

Our AI. Your Benefit.

Total convenience

Patients can self-manage their records. You can view it anytime.

Save time

Reduce patient triage and appointment times, and optimise your practice’s workflow

Effectively qualify your leads

Analyse your patient’s oral health to determine their suitability for treatments.

Increase treatment conversion

Boost your practice’s visibility with smile simulation and virtual dental checks.

Less admin work and increased ROI

Patients can communicate and through the app - reducing your paperwork and admin time.

Quick and easy-to-integrate

Built-in CRM that allows you to manage leads easily, monitor patients and follow up all from a simple dashboard.

Loved by Aussie dentists and orthodontists has revolutionised how we communicated with our patients to help them achieve optimal care even in between their appointments

Dr David O Malley

Arnold Street Dental, Bendigo. is the most quickest, easiest and a powerful way to add value to my patients even remotely

Dr Ketki Chandevar, Everton Park Dental, Brisbane. is a great way to educate and engage with patients and get them aware of their dental problems in a very convenient way saving time and improving case acceptance

Dr Raghu Channapati, Ooralea Dental Care, Mackay.

Dr Padma
About Us

Dr Padma Gadiyar

Our founder Dr Padma Gadiyar is a dentist, author, a key opinion leader in the dental industry and a dental practice owner. She saw a need and demand for patient led data driven virtual platform that increases access to timely dental care and was cost effective. She truly believes that a healthy life starts with a healthy mouth and a healthy smile is a start to a healthy mind.

With a team of technology innovators, dentists and product specialists she is on a journey to bring remote dental consults and digital workflow solutions at your fingertip with a click.

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